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Marketing Strategy

The Power of a Plan And the capable hands to execute your new marketing strategy. What makes your organization unique? Where are you today and where do you want to be tomorrow? At the beginning of each strategic marketing engagement, we lead our clients through a thoughtful discovery process to answer these questions and more. Then we put a workable plan in place to get there together.


Marketing Strategy

We’ll research the heck out of your organization and industry and craft short- and long-term strategic marketing plans that move you from reboot to elevated engagement.

Branding Agency

Brand building is much more than your company logo and colors. It’s the mindshare you occupy as an organization, the gut feeling that people have about your company, products and services. And it’s one of your most valuable assets. If your brand is sending the wrong message, or an inconsistent message, it may be time for a brand reboot.


Video Production

We live to tell moving stories. And we have the experience, gained during hundreds of production hours, to ensure that each video we make is high quality, engaging, relevant to your audience and accomplishes your website and social video marketing objectives.

Content Marketing Agency

Ready to attract new customers, build trust and drive action? The right digital content, when promoted properly, draws visitors to your website, nurtures them into customers and keeps them engaged after a sale. But you need quality content and a winning strategy to drive these efforts. That’s where we come in.


Search Engine Marketing

Opus specializes in creating both organic and paid marketing strategies that deliver results. We analyze search marketing trends in your industry, uncover your competitors’ tactics and identify high-value keywords to promote. Then we improve your brand’s online visibility through organic search optimization and paid search marketing, helping your prospects to find your offering at their moment of need.

B2B Marketing Agency

We create tailored marketing strategies that help grow your brand and improve sales. As a B2B company, you have to deal with different channels, voices and tactics than B2C. You have a longer sales funnel with multiple players – all concerned with the bottom line – before a decision can be made. You have to appeal to each person in each stage of this funnel in order to win the business.

Don’t Go It Alone

Are you the lone marketer in your organization? Is your team not quite big enough to keep pace with the demands of your company’s marketing needs? Think of us as your virtual marketing team. We’re comfortable taking it all on or simply filling in the gaps.

We can manage your website, spearhead your search engine strategy, or craft thought-leadership content, posts and videos on an ongoing basis. From positioning and planning to execution and results, we can help impact your bottom line.


Let’s Plan Your Winning Marketing Strategy

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