About our company

Opus is a one-stop marketing agency that helps companies create significant buzz on the market. We produce materials your customers will love. Our marketing support covers everything from marketing strategy and to marketing tactics, and much more. Unleash your potential.


Brand Building

We build memorable corporate brands and identity systems that reflect the value of the unique organizations they represent.

Marketing Strategy

Our strategic marketing plans will guide your organization from a revitalized brand through elevated customer engagement and beyond.

B2B Marketing

We build memorable corporate brands and identity systems that reflect the value of the unique organizations they represent.

Video Production

In a world of ever-shorter attention spans, our compelling corporate videos, animations and commercials will tell your story in unforgettable ways.

Creative Marketing to build Your Brand

Let us increase your brand awareness and boost your marketing ROI. Our goal is your popularization


Our services

Innovation takes work. Even Isaac Newton had done a fair share of research before that apple hit him in the head. We take a scientific, data-driven approach to research, analyze, listen, and strategize, then infuse that strategy with world-class creativity to create marketing that doesn’t just work, it inspires.

  • Tell us your goal – we’ll give you the road map to success.
  • Developing your brand stories and big ideas to spark meaningful connections.

Step 1. Processing Client Order

In the discovery stage, we define your project requirements and how to craft a suitable strategy, tone of voice, and ongoing marketing deliverables. Within this is an initial marketing analysis, conducted before a proposal is put together.

Step 2. Marketing Strategy Development

We conduct deep research of a client's business profile, sector, competitors; forming a tailored strategy of how to improve web traffic, SEO presence, and improve marketing ROIs. Within this are outlines of the services that will be delivered, channels involved, KPIs, goals and timescales.


Step 3. Marketing Services implementation

Once the strategy is developed, we switch on the right mix of marketing services to get the results you need. This can cover everything from content to SEO, PPC, PR and other services, according to the approved strategy. We can ramp up and down services as needed, according to your budget, audience and seasonal cycles.

Step 4. Final review and confirmation

We always ensure clients can review everything we produce (such as articles, social media posts, graphics, SEO, and the full range of services) and request edits. Our team implements accordingly and sends work back so that it's ready for use.

What our customers say

Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5

  • The professionalism, enthusiasm, and quality of service of the people at Opus is unmatched in my opinion. They do what they say they’re going to do and go above and beyond more often than not.
    Brandon Ross
  • We had intensive projects with crypto and tech startups with the Opus team. I can strongly recommend them as responsible and professional marketers with huge experience in that field.
    Kevin Perry
  • Very grateful for the absolutely stellar job you did, within extremely tight timing. It was truly outstanding work.
    Tom Johnson